Residential - Ducted

Ducted systems are the most convenient and effective way of air conditioning your whole house. At Costair, we only install the highest quality and most energy efficient ducted systems for our customers. This means that while you enjoy a comfortable climate all year round, it won't cost you a fortune in running costs to do so.

At Costair, our brand of choice is Actron Air. Actron Air is an Australian manufacturer who has been globally recognised for producing some of the most energy efficient ducted air conditioning products in the world. With the ESP+, ESP Ultima, ESP Platinum Plus and ESP Platinum Ultima, there are no other products like them in the market. These systems are up to 75% more efficient than other brands of air conditioning systems, and with the cost of electricity continually on the rise, it is an investment to have the most energy efficient system money can buy.

For information on Actron ESP+ and ESP Ultima, please click on the below links:
Example picture of Actron ESP Ultima system.

Other ducted brands we install include Daikin, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi